Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentime's roses

Here's Sophia smelling Abbey's Valentine's day roses:

Stop and smell the roses

"Flowers smell pretty!"

Stop and smell the roses

Whoa! Lets not get carried away, baby!

Then after I gave LM her bath last night, she was trying to lick her bath water and her wet towel and I kept telling her no, and "Yuck!" which she found hilarious. Then I was drying her off and she went to lick my shirt and I said "I don't care if you lick my shirt. Lick away." Apparently that's the funniest thing she'd ever heard and the rest of the night she was saying "LICK AWAY! ahahahha Lick away, Daddy!"

And now the monster story. She didn't want to get out of the truck after getting home from Daycare and was playing in the driver's seat, so I was bent over across her car seat with my knees against the side of the truck where should couldn't see them trying to convince her to come in with me out of the cold. I started drumming my knees against the truck and she looked surprised, and I thought "Aha! I know how I'll get her to come in." and so I said "Sophia! What's that sound? Where's it coming from?" Some amount of worry came over her face. "We better get inside, I don't know what that sound is." and she said "A monster, Daddy!" and I stupidly said "Yeah, lets hurry and get away from the monster!". Ha-ha! I'd succesfully gotten her inside! ...only to discover she wouldn't go in the back part of the house because "A monster, a monster! Ahhh!" So Abbey had to come home and see all this then explain to Sophia that the Dinosaur had scared the monster away. So now she comes home every day and the first thing out of her mouth when we walk in the door is "Monster gone, huh Daddy." Maybe one day I'll learn better.


Kar said...

"Valentime" ha ha I've been saying that all day too. Good old Dayner.

I love the first picture of Sophia and I wish I would have thought of a dinosaur to scare the monsters away but Mason probably would have been scared of the dinosaur too. He was scared of everything!

Kar said...

Remember when Mason went through the "A sloth is under my bed" stage? And he was terrified and and didn't want to go in his room? A sloth? The slowest animal alive? Are you kidding me? Of course when I tease him about it now he fails to see the humor in it but of all the things to be afraid of in the world, a sloth?!?!?