Friday, August 7, 2009

Time Travelin' Sophia

Here's the latest batch of daycare pictures - only $75.00 this time! The kid is too stinkin' cute, and Abbey's height calculator says she's gonna be 6'3" when she's full grown. Aye caramba.

With Flowers

What a charmer


Angels are REAL!

Is this cool?

I hope those aren't Mardi Gras beads...

Tea Time!

Fancy a spot of tea, Guv'nor?

Horsey is hungry

Oh, hai!  I was just gonna give this apple to the horse.

Intriguing Apple...

Maybe I'll eat it myself...

Literacy is overrated.

Why doesn't this book have any pictures?!

Best one.

With a parasol

She can now climb on top of the cab of my truck unaided. I found this out when I was alone with her and I was trying to work on my bike and replace the rear dérailleur tension pulleys. She was playing at her sand and water workstation toy set and I got really involved with the repair for about 5 minutes and didn't look up. I go to check on her, since she's not at the station and "Hi Daddy! I did it!" there she is on top of my truck. Oy vey. Well at least I know she ain't slow.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Bike Helmet for me: $40
New Bike Helmet for Sophia: $40
Bike Lock for Abbey: $13
New rear skewer to accommodate bike trailer: $16
Bike Trailer: $100
New Pedals with one side SPD, the other side a standard foot platform: $80
New Tubes and touring Tires for Abbey's Mt. Bike: $102
New tensioning pulleys to replace cracked ones: $45
Degreasing spray to clean up bikes we haven't rode in 10 years: $20
New tubes for my bike for peace of mind: $12
New rechargeable batteries for my bike light: $15
New battery charger to replace 15 year old one that doesn't work right anymore: $10
New front & rear lights for Abbey's new bike $60
New brake pads for my bike: $20

Sophia sitting on my lap while I try to blog this: pricelessly annoying.

Anyway, biking to save money on Gas is the smartest thing I have ever done! ;-) Grand Total? $573
yee haw!