Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easy access tub!

I saw this at the home and garden show from http://www.onedaybathutah.com . I really think this would be awesome for Dad:

Sophia tub

I guess the downside would be you can't open the door until the water drains. But easy bathing! Thanks to Sophia for her fine modeling of the tub. Yeah, and I know I'm a terrible blogger, don't mention it. ;-)


Monday, January 17, 2011

Funny video of Sophia from March 2009

I can't believe how much she's grown. I dumped all the videos off the Flip, and will start posting one of these about three times a week, discipline willing. She's a cutie pie for sure.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I went for a week this November, as I do every year, to the Supercomputing Conference. This year it was held in New Orleans. The weather down there was perfect, and for non-vegetarian folks the food was great too. We went down and visited the 9th ward was heavily damaged when the levees failed during Hurricane Katrina. I have a ton of pix from there, but I'll just post a few stand outs. New:


Sad Duplex

I saw these birds there and they were just mesmerizing:

We stayed in the warehouse district which has lots of museums and Art studios. Here's a cool piece I found:

Glass Art

A different view

Glass Art

I think Sophia would have really liked the Children's Museum:

Mr. Skeleton

Here I am

And then I came home and got Sophia a new fish for her birthday!
Sophia & Mr. Betta Mk. II

The end.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Yellowstone 2010

We sucked it up and went to Yellowstone to camp in July. We drove up Tuesday evening and stayed the night in Rexburg after a 4 hour drive. We convoyed with the Neuberts, a lovely family who have a little girl, Clara, in Sophia's PreSchool class. I got up at 6am to hit the park hard and secure a campsite since we'd been unable to make advance reservations, this being the busy season. But with two 3 year olds to contend with, we didn't even get into the cars until 8:15 am. The road construction was heavy into West Yellowstone and we were just barely getting into the park by 10am. Since the guidebook says all the campsites are full by 11 we were kind of SOL. So we drove around all day Wednesday trying to find accomodations. We went up to Mammoth and stopped there,



and then went out to Slough Creek and had a little picnic, and then down to Tower Junction were we gassed up and got some snacks before stopping at Roosevelt Ranch and making some calls at the pay phones to see if we could get reservations any where. Yellowstone has ZERO reception for AT&T users, and a little for those with Verizon, which is a chancy proposition. Basically the only place you can hope to make calls is in and around Old Faithful. After much tooth gnashing we decided to stay outside the park in Soda Butte campsite, beyond the North-East entrance. So we made the long drive out there... and it was closed. Every campsite in Wyoming and Montana was closed because they'd had a triple bear "incident". Two folks injured, one dead. So we asked the Ranger for recommendations and they said to stay at Hoosiers, which we did. A little pricey at $145, which I guess was the "Every Campsite is closed" rate, but clean and comfortable.


Here's the office


Here we are making Marshmallows on my nostalgia-purchased Dual Fuel Stove:


We went and got pricey pizza at the bar across the street, and then went off to read bed time stories and go to sleep. Rob and I got up at 5:30am the next morning and drove back in to the park to secure ourselves a site at the "first come first served" campsite at Norris. Here's the massive Bison herd we say just after 6am coming into eastern Yellowstone:


Baby Bison-


I like this one's beard

Lots of fog still in the valley still at 6:30 am, just past Tower Falls:


It was so foggy we had trouble reading road signs

Here we are approaching Mammoth Hot Springs after securing our campsite and driving back out to get everyone.


What everyone takes a picture of:

The family unit

Hot day

I'm the Queen of Mammoth Hill!

Sleeping Monster cannot stop us from enjoy the Norris Geyser Basin!

Blorble Blorble!


Finally awake, with Clara

We barely caught this geyser erupting in the Fire Hole area

Close up, after all the excitement

Yellowstone Post Office

Sleepy Sophia in front of the new yet-to-be-completed Visitor Center

Cute girls at the Old Faithful lodge

I can stand on my own Momma!

Old Faithful Erupting:

Then we drove out to Yellowstone Lake. Yellowstone Lake is the largest freshwater lake above 7,000 feet in North America. In winter, ice nearly 3 feet thick covers much of the lake, except where shallow water covers hot springs. The lake freezes over by early December and can remain frozen until late May or early June. The water, even at the height of summer is rarely over 40 degrees, which explains why we didn't say any water skiers.

Here we are at Bridge Bay

Finally we stopped at the waterfalls near Canyon Village campsite

Then took the hike down down down to the big waterfall on Uncle Tom's Trail





It was so cold the night before that I wore my flannel lined pants to go hiking in. Wrong decision

The girls at the camp site with Clara's dolls

Night #3 was much less chilly than night #2, so the Sophia and Mommy slept good

We had to sit and wait for them to open the road between Norris and Madison at 8am, so Abbey and Sophia got out to look at the long line of cars

And then we drove back!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010