Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sophia is Three!

Well we had Sophia's third birthday party at Jumpin' Jacks in West Jordan and I have many photos that I will get up probably tomorrow I just wanted to do a mini update and show off her new bed and some other photos I really liked quickly.

Here she and Abbey are slidin' at Jumpin' Jacks:


Here's her and Zane tranced out on Thanksgiving day:

Thanksgiving trance

And here's her "Big Girl Bed" I spent today putting together. (You're killing me, Ikea!) I picked it up yesterday, despite a dead battery. I may not be good at asking people for help, but opening up my hood and getting out the jumper cables seemed to do the trick without me having to go up and ask someone, hee hee! Sophia seems delighted with the new bed, but we'll have to see how it goes on it's inaugural run tonight.

Big Girl Bed

Oh, on the topic of the water heater sacrificial anode - I got it out, and don't believe it needs to be replaced yet. So I'll check it again next October and perhaps replace it then. I also have all my lovely Portland photos to blog about - that was much more enjoyable a trip than I had expected. More tomorrow.