Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rough Idle

So my Truck has been running poorly the last few weeks and I've been working on it to get it running well again. So far I've done the full service Oil change, new filters (gas, oil, air), new PCV valve, new Iridium spark plugs. That improved things, but the Idle was still rough, so it was time to clean the throttle body. Here's what it looked like before I started on it:


I used the CRC throttle body cleaner, and that work pretty well. I should have done this when I changed the spark plugs, but hadn't really read up on the process. Turns out to be pretty simple and straight forward. Just take off the intake sleeve and clean 'er out. Here she is all clean:


I also cleaned my MAF sensor while I was at it. The truck runs a lot better now. Now I just have the big water pump, new belts, new timing belt, new coolant, and new oil in my pumpkins 90K service to do. Ohhh, Matty...