Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ride 'em cowgirl!

I got some great pics of Sophia playing with the fish Denise gave her for her first birthday and thought I'd post 'em up. I took them this morning with the Sony cam, cable be darned. I've taken to hosting everything on flickr since they have no size limits for your photo collection if you buy the pro account.


Yee haw! Note the monkey riding shotgun.


Disaster! Oh the Humanity!


Never leave a man behind!


Kar said...

That will make Denise very happy that Sophia still likes the fish present so much. How does she like the scooter thingy they gave her this year?

Sharpie said...

She uses it in the house a bit. There's just not much room. I'm sure it will be a much grander toy when she can go out in the drive way when it warms up.